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Humanistic and Integrative psychotherapist MA, Dip HIP, UKCP


I am a UKCP registered psychotherapist with an MA and diploma in Humanistic and Integrative psychotherapy trained with the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling. I trained in shamanic healing with the Bridget Healing Centre in Glastonbury and trained to work with Cacao with Rebekah Shaman on the sacred side of the island of Ibiza. I am a member and currently a director of Openings a co-op for psychotherapists and counsellors in Bath.

I support environmental clean up by doing all I can. I also use green web hosting and have recently happily installed solar panels due to a solar scheme in Frome.

I was born in the sixties to a time of peace, love and flower power. My Jewish parents were traumatised from growing up during the second world war. This was on top of generations of persecution and migrational trauma in my ancestral line. Childhood was  a mixture of play, nature and extreme violence and abuse.  

I married early and into a safe relationship and had children.  I worked in the West End Theatre in London as I had been involved in drama since 7 years old. Later I trained as a Montessori nursery Teacher both these careers help with my work with trauma. 

At a life changing moment I had a profound waking vision. This vision guided me into a reality very much like the nautilus. It was many dimensional. Within it were beings of light. I could see my own light form which had holes in it and was a dazzling blue. I was shown and experienced a profound a deep understanding of love.  

The vision lifted me out of my safe marriage and brought me into a new life. One that connected me to the Welsh roots of my mother. One where I could find myself and begin to heal the family trauma. It took me through a deep 10 year training in psychotherapy and to explore my natural ability to work with the flora and fauna in this land. It was at this time I connected to Celtic shamanism. I also met Dawn, a friend and nutritional therapist and we started our years of research in emotional eating and the blocks in the body that cause weight gain. We eventually formed Your Holistic Diet a holistic approach to weight loss. 

Over a decade after my vision, my mother died and there was more inner work to do. Work to help transmute 6 generations through the clearing of possessions and energetically. I took a sabbatical and during this time discovered cacao as my plant medicine.  Cacao helped me find myself in this new context and release all the patterns from the past.

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