Abundance with Cacao – Early Bird until 17.5.24


Abundance with Cacao helps us tap into what feels lacking and transmute that negative energy into the flow of abundance.

Abundance with Cacao

Online Cacao ceremony – Sunday 26th May 2024 – 7.30pm (UK time)

Early Bird price £25 – Full price £45

Ceremony Description:

Abundance with Cacao – This ceremony is on the full moon of the flower moon. When the plants burst forth with flowers we feel the magic of the colours, the scents, and the love that flowers give us with their beauty. Whether is is finances, work, relationships or new experiences – abundance with Cacao helps us tap into what feels lacking and transmute that negative energy into the flow of abundance. 

Bay holds Cacao Ceremonies online and in person in the UK and Netherlands. These are a chance to press the pause button, reset and move forward with deeper authentic insights. Her ceremonies are shamanic style ceremonies drawn from over a decade of practicing Celtic Shamanism – a spiritual practice connected to the ancient lands, plants and trees in the British Isles. This year she graduated from The Microdosing Institute in the first cohort of microdose facilitators and now able to incorporate psilocybin in her journeys in a safe and legal environment in The Netherlands. She is able to hold deep process and creates non-judgemental, safe, supportive environments for deep psychological change. Bay believes love is the deepest healer and when we connect to the love in ourselves this can shine out into the world.

Cacao as a superfood is so great for you. With its anti-oxidants and specific minerals it’s a great health boost on every level. It is also like nature’s anti-depressant as it works in very positive ways towards our neurobiology and on your mental health. It is mildly psychoactive when we consume it in ceremonial doses. A Cacao Ceremony doesn’t always change your life…..but it can help you get on the right path and this can change your life!

If you are struggling financially to pay full price please contact Bay to ask for a place by donation.

Zoom link comes a couple of days before the ceremony after you have filled in the online booking form. You will need good quality Cacao for ceremonies – there is a link in the shop. 100g will last two-three ceremonies, 250g for more experienced Cacao drinkers.

To book www.baydeane.com – in the shop 🙂 Advise book before the full price kicks in or get three for one 🙂