Sacred Cacao Ceremony – Awaken your soul – early bird till 25.1.20


Sacred Cacao Ceremony to Awaken your Soul in 2020

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2PM-7PM The Welsh Mill Hub – Frome

This cacao ceremony is on the full moon of the Awakening Moon.

Are you ready and wanting to wake up to your souls purpose in 2020?

Are you awake and need to focus that energy?

If you were on a concious journey during 2019, riding the many energy waves and working deeply on yourself, then this moon is a chance to bring the deep work you did into being. This energy is an integrating energy. It is an energetic time after the last moon which hopefully released so much. Now you can begin to tune in or find the focus to your souls purpose and awaken that life force within you.

We will journey to the cacao goddess and ask for her help to awaken your soul, so you can shine bright within. When we each shine with our open heart everyone around us benefits. Whatever you need to manifest this year bring it into being with this powerful cacao ceremony.

A cacao ceremony is special time to share sacred space with others on a similar path.

Cacao is an amazing plant medicine. It is a super-food with anti-oxidants, flavinoids and amazing minerals that truly benefit your health. It also has profound effects on your mental well being. As a psychotherapist I have been amazed how cacao can help depression and anxiety when used in ceremony. Cacao contains large amounts of tryptophan which converts to serotonin making you feel happy. It helps you let go of anxiety and have a break from the busy world. It is the only food know to contains anandamide, the bliss molecule that you experience when you fall in love – improving your motivation and pleasure.

I make a shamanic brew of a magical pot of cacao, using GM free, organic, ethically sourced ceremonial grade cacao from the Peruvian amazon. It is infused with sacred water from Chalice Well springs in Glastonbury, incantations and healing for each ceremony and for those coming. I may use drum, harp or other sounds to clear energy.

The Welsh Mill hub is co-working space in Frome, which is home to a diverse community of entrepreneurs, artisans, not-for-profits, young people, artists and freelancers. Ceremony details are emailed by me, after you’ve booked.

Places by booking only. Spaces limited to 10 people. Tickets are £40 early bird £50 full price.

If you need to ask more please feel free to contact me.

I look forward to sharing cacao with you X