Create your world – A4 print

Create Your World is available in an A4 print – price on request


My art is currently drawn on my iPad using blends and textures and many layers.

A picture paints a thousand words……I draw the energies of now for people to tune into and align more fully with themselves. If you resonate strongly with one of my prints I would encourage you to get it. These are not pictures to just go on a wall – they are dynamic art to help you adjust to these times.

I am inspired by drawing for my cacao ceremonies to symbolise the energy. I am also drawn to expressing the natural world and how it all works together to stay in balance. I draw using my imagination, dreaming, guided visualisation and shamanic journeying to help me reach a deep state of meditation so the finished drawing is very much from that deeper place. I love using colours and textures and expressing emotion and spirit through my work.

I do not run off lots of my prints for mass sales. Like my drawings, my A4 prints are individually made so included in the price is my trip to get it printed at my local shop and the post office to post it to you. If you would like it to have the worlds “Create Your World” on it please let me know. If you cannot afford my art but feel you need it – please always feel you can get in touch. This is not something I do for money, though of course I have to live and eat like everyone.

All my pictures can be printed up to A2 just contact me to arrange a price and delivery.

The photo shows the watermark on the print.