Enter The Garden – MP3


A relaxation MP3 combining a unique combination of Guided Visualisation, Shamanic Journeying and Yoga Nidra to help induce a deeply relaxed state of consciousness – by Bay and Luke


A relaxation MP3 created by mother and son combines a unique blend of Guided Visualisation, Shamanic journeying and Yoga Nidra help you to induce a state in which your whole being becomes completely relaxed.

Enter The Garden takes you on a deep and sensual journey into your inner world in the form of a garden. In your garden you create the perfect environment for yourself and find out what you truly need to give you hope, happiness and feel encouraged in life. This relaxation can be experienced many times as each time you enter the garden you create the perfect situation for in the ‘now’ and the messages and insights may continue for many days to come. Enter The Garden can be enhanced whilst drinking cacao – make a brew, lie back and enjoy the ride in the safety of your own home or out in nature.

Focus on the verbal instructions that guide you through a process where your senses become internalised to help you reach a state of deep meditative consciousness. During this process you can release worries and stresses built up from the day, week or even from the past and infuse yourself with a new energised energy. and sense of self.

This will help with deep sleep, a sense of inner peace and help you focus on letting go negative emotions and bring in a more joyful sense of self. This unique combination of relaxation techniques can help towards one of  the deepest possible states of relaxation whilst still maintaining consciousness and may help with lucid dreaming and other imaginative states of consciousness. For a deeper relaxation you can try drinking cacao then relaxing back and listening to your inner world created through the flow of words and sounds.

Bay has many years experience in shamanic journeying and meditation. She regularly leads cacao ceremonies which combine the plant medicine of cacao with shamanic practices and works with clients to deeply relax. It has been said that the minute Bay starts a relaxation people fall into a deep state of peace and harmony and feel they have ‘travelled miles’ in a short time.

Luke is a composer working with self-expression and the imagination. His songs and operas have earned him recognition as a joyous and sensitive soul, able to realize ambitious ideas. Here Luke offers soundscapes and harmonic resonance that can help you feel grounded and connected.
She has been blessed in being able to co-create these MP3’s in combination with her son Luke Deane.
Enter The Garden was recorded at Splendor Studios in Amsterdam, Netherlands.