Fire Goddess


Beautiful Fire Goddess for your alter or garden

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Fire Goddess – connect to all things fiery, passion, feelings, fire in your belly, intuition, heat of the moment, inspiration, cleansing, the Phoenix is born from the fire. Sacred and solar plexus chakra – willpower, drive, right assertion.

My goddesses are made from plaster with a polymer added, instead of water that makes it strong for outdoor use. The original goddess was sculpted in clay. I then made a mold to cast a limited number of goddesses. I then hand paint them with acrylic paint and varnish them with two coats of yacht varnish. Each on is unique. You will need to revarnish to protect from exposure to the elements. I use water from Glastonbury springs and herbs and plants as essences in the decoration process. I also channel the energetic energy for each goddess I paint. They can hang on the wall on the ribbons.

I have made many goddesses – fire, water, harvest, flower, lightening, astrology, earth – if you would like a special goddess please ask.

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