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Connecting with you for Psychotherapy – Celtic Shamanism – Cacao ceremonies and Psychedelic therapeutic services

I use my energy and training to help people get ‘unstuck’

Trained as a psychotherapist, shamanic healer, Sacred cacaoista and accredited microdose coach I work as a visionary with a fusion of skills that help to give you the strength to care for yourself and be the person you feel you really are.

 Integration and Support

I offer 1-2-1 post ceremony integration and support. Whether you’ve been to one of my Cacao ceremonies or another plant medicine ceremony it can be very helpful to reflect on what has come up so you can integrate the lessons. It can also be helpful to have a preparation session before a ceremony.  I also offer help with support after a difficult experience and advice and education if you are considering if this is an experience you want.

My Therapies

As a psychotherapist, Celtic shamanic practitioner, Cacao ceremony, and accredited microdose facilitator, I hold space for depth transformation for individuals and groups.

Through my own work on myself and also my deep training in psychotherapy, shamanic work and with plant medicines, I can help hold and support you as you find your next step to help you find your bright light within.


A holistic approach to psychotherapy, integrating verbal and somatic therapies and overcoming personal and ancestral patterns. You gain profound insight into the principles shaping your mental health, empowering you to initiate transformative changes. By engaging in experiential activities, bodywork, trauma-focused sessions, and creative endeavours, I like to help you cultivate a deeper sense of self, enriching your journey towards a profound spiritual and social connection.

Psychedelic Therapeutic Services

As an accredited microdose facilitator I provide safe and legal support and education regarding psychedelics and mental health. Staying current with the latest scientific research, I strive to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, the mystical and the practical. I help explore and integrate the potential of psychedelics on creativity and mental health. Due to the legal issues in the Uk, I provide sessions and ceremonies using small doses of psilocybin truffles in The Netherlands, where I live part time.

NB:I do not supply illegal drugs nor encourage the use of illegal drug taking.

Shamanic Feather

Celtic Shamanism

One of the oldest forms of healing, Celtic shamanism is as ancient as the trees and stone circles and the land in the UK. I use sound and somatic sensations to help you journey to retrieve soul parts (your life force) or cut cords (patterns of negative thinking, beliefs and behaviour.) This is very effective alongside psychotherapy for deep transformational healing.


Cacao Ceremonies and post ceremony integration

Join me on this on this transformative journey at a Cacao ceremony online or in person. I channel Cacao to illustrate the theme of the ceremonies using my visionary art. If you are drawn to the picture – it’s probably for you! Group and individual ceremonies are available.

I have a specific interest in supporting holistic, well-being and mental health practitioners in their own self-care and well-being.

Organically Sourced.
Beautifully Served

The gentlest of all the master plant medicines, a cacao ceremony can help connect you to your true essence. Cacao is a super-food with high levels of antioxidants, flavonoids and many minerals. It is rich in properties that enhance mental well-being such as tryptophan which converts to serotonin making you feel happy. It can trigger the release of dopamine which gives mental clarity and focus, the endorphin phenylethylamine (PEA) a chemical we naturally produce when we fall in love and importantly anandamide – a natural pleasure molecule nicknamed the “bliss molecule” – an endogenous ligand that fits into the cannabinoid receptor sites of the cells of the nervous system giving your body a natural high. As a psychotherapist I have been amazed at how cacao has helped practically with depression and anxiety and enhanced emotional well-being. 


Cacao Ceremony

I make a shamanic brew of a magical pot of cacao, using GM free, organic, ethically sourced ceremonial grade cacao infused with sacred water from Chalice Well springs in Glastonbury, incantations and healing for each ceremony and for those coming. I use my harp and sounds to help with deep vibrational and energetic healing.



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