Resolve your emotional eating

 a combined approach of psychotherapy and shamanic practice

Change the way you eat and nourish yourself by releasing the psychological and energetic patterns

Emotional eating is NOT the result of an inner weakness or a lack of willpower. There are very real psychological reasons why we reach for food in emotional situations. If you understand how your psychological patterns affect your eating AND allow yourself to release these patterns on an emotional and energetic level,  your deepened awareness and connection to something more loving, can help you change the way you eat. This will help you relax around food and eat with love.

These psychological patterns are:
  • we confuse physical nourishment with emotional nourishment and eat when we need to be more self-caring
  • we want to bond emotionally and though eating helps us do this, it does not solve our need for love
  • we do not know what our true emotional needs are and respond by eating
  • we seek to reduce the sensations of our emotions  (physical and mental) or take them away by eating
  • we are unable to be autonomous and say no to things that are bad for us
  • we are suffering from psychological trauma or abuse

If you are someone who has tried to stop themselves emotionally eat, especially to try and lose weight then you will know it is not always sustainable. You know what to do….but somehow you can’t do it. This is because you may not understand the psychological root of the issues driving you to eat, so they go unresolved and you can’t change your behaviour or beliefs.


Working on WHY your feelings cause you to eat will help you resolve the issue and empower you to eat differently.


We all eat emotionally. How can we not? We started life learning that feeding gets us close to someone. Feeding helps us not feel isolated. Feeding takes our hurts away. To the new born baby food IS love. Eating is essentially relational. When we discover and heal our relationship with food we can change outworn patterns and empower our future.

The ways I offer that may help with your emotional eating:

  • Take a short eCourse to increase you self awareness around the reasons you reach for food emotionally
  • Join an emotional eating ceremony for emotional release and deep healing
  • Download an eBook on the area of emotional eating that most affects you
  • Book a one to one session with Bay to work on your emotional eating


How can eCourses help my emotional eating?

My eCourses are designed to be experiential by combining psychological theory with shamanic practice. They help you get to the root of your patterns, then break free by connecting to a loving way to live. The courses do not take long to complete, yet they fill you will the wider perspective of why we all emotionally eat, helping you release inner judgement. During the course you fill in the worksheets provided which help you see how the bigger picture applies to you personally. There are several opportunities to contact Bay and ask questions. These courses work well alongside the ceremonies or one to one’s as they deepen your knowledge and awareness. They are also a great place to start of you feel pushed for time as it’s very easy to implement some changes quite quickly. 


How can a ceremony help my emotional eating?

Many of us who emotionally eat hold a lot of emotion – anxiety around food, grief, shame, self-judgement, a dislike of our own body and so many more. An emotional eating ceremony is like a shamanic ritual, like a cacao ceremony, but you do not need to drink cacao unless you chose. A ceremony gives you the opportunity to release the negative emotions and judgements and to gain messages of encouragement and belief in yourself. It can feel a special and deep healing experience.


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