Emotional Nourishment


Important to weight loss

Seven years ago myself and Dawn Cuckow, a nutritional therapist and friend set out to research weight loss and why people who wanted to lose weight did not maintain their weight loss. Our research showed that if you address the emotional, biochemical, environmental and spiritual aspects of your life in ways that promote weight loss the on-going circular picture of endless dieting and weight gain can change. We formed Your Holistic Diet an alternative approach to weight loss.

We start life learning that feeding gets us close to someone. Feeding helps us not feel isolated. Feeding takes our hurts away. To the new born baby food is love. Eating is essentially relational as well as instinctual. Yet the human body is not designed to cope with emotions by eating. It is designed to cope with emotions through regulating them with our nervous system. If we turn to food to fulfil emotional needs we can easily put on weight. I specialise in addressing your attachment patterns and trauma that prevents you from losing weight.

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