“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to find all the barriers you have built up against it”

– Rumi 

I am a shamanic practitioner that works with Celtic shamanism. Celtic shamanism is as old as this land and as deep and powerful as all other shamanic practices in the world. Shamanic journeying is a method of working between the layers of meditation and dreaming. In this conscious space you can make energetic and psychological shifts.  Working creatively and energetically with your imagination can be deeply healing.  

Soul Reconnection and Regression

A soul retrieval, soul swap or soul return is done by entering into a shamanic journey with the intention to retrieve a ‘lost’ part of your soul. Often people tell me they feel a part of them is or has always been missing. Your soul part may have become split off through trauma or even birth. This is the shamanic way of viewing PTSD where we have have lived, half in our body, not feeling all there.  

It is also sometimes possible to do soul work with someone who has died. This can be helpful to resolve ancestral work.

Healing Regression helps release old, stuck and repeating patterns from either earlier this life or from resonances from other lives.


A Twelve Moon Healing

This is a combination of shamanic work, interspersed with psychotherapy. Sometimes your spiritual journey raises several issues that all need healing. For some people it helps to be supported in a ‘soul quest’.  This is where I help you focus and set an intention for a specific piece of healing for a period of time.

We meet once a month, using the Celtic shamanic moon calendar and working with the natural energies of the seasons. You will need to be willing to work with your journeys and energies between sessions.

The 12 moon healing works right through the shamanic calendar and gives you the tools to continue this through your life.

Imbalance in our system

In shamanic terms there are three kinds of imbalance in our system.

  • Soul loss where we do not have all of our life essence in our body (or it jumps in and out of our body). This means we are not energetically firing on all cylinders and can lead to lethargy, depression and other psychological issues.
  • Power loss where we have either had our power taken away or given it up. This could be to another, due to a situation or due to developmental trauma (see psychotherapy)
  • Spiritual Intrusion is where we feel invaded by another energy or we feel something ‘bad’ has been put into us. This is normally associated with sexual or emotional abuse where control issues may have been present.

A shamanic session is to help restore balance and harmony so you feel whole and complete in yourself and empowered in your own energy. Sometimes things take more than one session.

Shamanic Sound Healing

I work with three systems of sounds using the voice both whispered and tonal. These systems work from head to toe on specific parts of the body, the internal organs and the emotions associated with them and the chakra system. It aids energetic release and replenishing depleted energy. I may also use drum, harp or rattles.

Cord Cutting 

A cord cutting ritual helps release the psychological pattern that is holding you back, disempowering you, or preventing you from moving on. Sometimes we struggle to move on from difficult relationships or from patterns with our parents. Cord cutting the negative patterns to a person, habit or addiction, can help to clear the emotional and energetic blocks associated with the difficulties.

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