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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to find all the barriers you have built up against it”

– Rumi 

I am a shamanic practitioner trained in Celtic shamanism. Celtic shamanism is as old as this land and as deep and powerful as all other shamanic practices in the world. I also work with cacao as my plant medicine teacher.

What is Shamanism and how can an ancient spiritual worldview help us in modern times?

Shamanic worldview is very simple at heart – everything is connected. There is no separation. On one layer, everything on the earth is connected without hierarchy and territory. This applies to the plants, animals, humans and minerals of the earth. The planets and cosmos. An ant and an elephant are equal – both with a valuable job to do. No hierarchy in society, wisdom keepers are revered, yet still equal. We are all sisters and brothers, sons and daughters, grandmothers and grandfathers to everything and our raison d’être is to protect this, contribute to it and be part of it. The experience of being part of nature as opposed to having a nice time in nature is different to the way we have been brought up in the West. This difference when re-aligned can feel deeply healing. 

On top of this worldview is a second layer of knowledge to the shamanic practitioner. Deeply integrated within this is a huge network of energies. Some from earthly energies such as the soil, wind, mountains and waters. Some from other subtle energies. The energy that we each have as individuals, the subtle energies around our bodies, celestial energies, planetary energies – a vast network of life force that is deeply connected to the first layer. The spirit world accessed through the imagination and visionary seeing helps guide us and bestows great wisdom.

Lastly are the sacred waters and life flow of the planet. This is the life blood that feeds every level of the material and energetic layers. These waters have never dried up and continue to flow to this day. Where I live these waters flow in Bath and Glastonbury, but they are all over the world 

The medical model does not believe or operate as if things are connected. You could go to hospital for a hip replacement and when your knee hurts it is considered a separate problem to the damaged hip needing a different appointment. Of course, we may need our hips replaced, medicine has amazing offerings in the healing world. However on subtle levels many of our issues can’t be separated out and healed in this way, especially when it comes to our sense of well being or emotional health.  

A shamanic view of mental health is that it is like a tree. If you want to deeply make a change to your life:

  • you need to look at your roots and how you grew from them
  • your trunk, who you are now and what supports you in life
  • your branches and where you are reaching out towards
  • the water and nutrients that are feeding your life force 
  • and the environment you have planted yourself in

This needs to be considered without separation as it it the totality of all of these elements that have shaped you to where you are today. Today then shapes your future.

“Bay has brought so much to my life through shamanic sessions, cacao journeying and her talent as a professional psychotherapist.  I went to Bay for one serious problem and shamanic sessions then uncovered deeply buried issues and brought them to the surface so that they could be dealt with.

Bay is an incredibly spiritual, kind and principled person who is able to gently free you of negativity and bring you into a lighter and more positive way of life.  I am deeply grateful to Bay, I may have carried my burdens forever without her..”

Shamanic Soul Reconnection and Regression

A soul retrieval, soul swap or soul return is done by entering into a shamanic journey with the intention to retrieve a ‘lost’ part of your soul. Often people tell me they feel a part of them is or has always been missing. Your soul part may have become split off through trauma or even birth. This is the shamanic way of viewing PTSD where we have have lived, half in our body, not feeling all there.  

It is also sometimes possible to do soul work with someone who has died. This can be helpful to resolve ancestral work.

Healing Regression helps release old, stuck and repeating patterns from either earlier this life or from resonances from other lives.


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Shamanic Twelve Moon Healing

This is a combination of shamanic work, interspersed with psychotherapy. Sometimes your spiritual journey raises several issues that all need healing. For some people it helps to be supported in a ‘soul quest’.  This is where I help you focus and set an intention for a specific piece of healing for a period of time.

We meet once a month, using the Celtic shamanic moon calendar and working with the natural energies of the seasons. You will need to be willing to work with your journeys and energies between sessions.

The 12 moon healing works right through the shamanic calendar and gives you the tools to continue this through your life.

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Imbalance in our system 

What is shamanic healing like and what can I expect when I come to one?

Firstly we talk to see what is presenting itself to be addressed and resolved. My psychotherapy skills help in this part of the session. 

Next we do a shamanic journey.  You will be taken into a deep state of relaxation and then, with my help, begin a ‘journey’ within to access what you need to heal yourself. Shamanic journeying is a trance like state between the layers of meditation and dreaming using theta brain waves. In this liminal space you can make energetic, emotional and psychological shifts. You can receive messages and feel your emotional response with clarity. Working creatively and energetically deep within your imagination can feel very real and be deeply healing. It is often much more help finding these resources within you, than advice given from others. You may meet your own guides, discover spirit animals that feel meaningful, receive gifts that feel deeply symbolic, meet yourself as a child or even meet your future self. Sound is used in a journey from instruments such as rattle, drum, stones, mbira, harp and also from my own voice, so is silence used.

After the journey we take time to ‘return’ to this world, process the journey and get clarity on what you need to do in order that the healing session integrates into your life. 

Shamanic Sound Healing

I work with three systems of sounds using the voice both whispered and tonal. These systems work from head to toe on specific parts of the body, the internal organs and the emotions associated with them and the chakra system. It aids energetic release and replenishing depleted energy. I may also use drum, harp or rattles.

Shamanic Cord Cutting

A cord cutting ritual helps release the psychological pattern that is holding you back, disempowering you, or preventing you from moving on. Sometimes we struggle to move on from difficult relationships or from patterns with our parents. Cord cutting the negative patterns to a person, habit or addiction, can help to clear the emotional and energetic blocks associated with the difficulties.

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